Retailers using digital marketing of any kind for retail is a smart beginning step. Your physical and online shops working together can help you market your company, build your brand, and attract more clients.

Live Videos

To get started, all you need is a platform with live video possibilities, like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or Vimeo—which you presumably already have! Videos are a terrific way to communicate with clients!

Try advertising your plans for the live video in advance so your fans can make plans to watch. This can enhance interaction.

Promotional emails

Nothing beats an interesting promotional email, even though it may be one of the more traditional methods in the digital arsenal.

Try making a straightforward email template that you can use to promote your most recent offering or deal, or go creative and highlight your store’s involvement in the community or share behind-the-scenes images and tales.

 Branded hashtags

Customers can connect with your products and business using branded hashtags, but what are they exactly? Choose a distinctive hashtag that expresses the core principles of your business, and encourage customers to use it through social media, emails, and even in-store signage. Use the hashtags on social media to repost content and highlight clients in your newsletter to encourage even more sharing.

 Social Media Stories

For instant, dynamic, and rapid video content, Stories are available on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp. These four platforms collectively have around one billion regular Story users. And as recently as one year ago, roughly 64% of organizations either used or planned to use stories in their digital marketing strategy. All you need to get started is a profile on one of the social media sites we highlighted. The Highlights function in these apps can be used to organize and preserve the brief video footage created in this way.

 Google Shopping Ads

While this manual offers numerous free or almost free strategies to advertise your company. You should make sure your money is being spent in areas where you will see a solid return on your investment. Google Shopping Ads is one advertising medium that has a strong return on investment.

Contests and Freebies

Social media is a fantastic tool for promoting your retail business, but what if you don’t yet have a sizable fan base?

A giveaway or a contest is a simple approach for retail companies to encourage customers to follow them and interact with their brand.

Here are some starter concepts:

To increase your audience, hold a contest in association with a different retailer, company, or provider.

Create anticipation for new product releases by holding contests.

Create competitions to promote overstocked items.

Make sure you specify the participation conditions in clear terms and abide by the platform’s promotional rules.

 Messenger apps

Making it simpler for prospective customers to inquire about your items and take advantage of discounts on the platforms where they already spend time is a terrific approach to selling more goods.

 For instance, using Facebook and Instagram direct messaging can be a terrific way to engage with your audience individually and build trust in your company. 69% of individuals said being able to communicate with a company makes them feel more confident in the brand, according to Facebook.

 Behind-the-scenes looks

Consider revealing what goes on behind the scenes to your customers to make your digital marketing retail experiences more engaging. Inform your audience if you collaborate with an off-site manufacturer who meets with you to discuss production or if local vendors transport goods to your stores. Describe the processes that result in the products you sell and the value your services provide to your clients. You must first have agreements in place with all parties involved, including your suppliers, confirming their consent for you to post this content. If and when you do, it can be very powerful!

 Holiday posts

Download a holiday calendar containing the dates of all recognized legal, religious, and observed holidays at the start of the year. This is a terrific method for planning social media posts and other retail digital marketing material.

 Current event participation 

Participation in current affairs, political movements, and local events could sound intimidating. But it’s a potent way to make a statement, support a cause, and draw the kind of clientele you want to consume your goods and services. Consider your ideal client as well as the causes and ideas you wish to further in conjunction with your store as a starting point. Decide how you will voice your opinion on social media and elsewhere.

 Surveys, polls and quizzes

You may be accustomed to asking customers for feedback face-to-face as a business owner in the retail sector, but did you know that you can also gather feedback and customer insights through social media – Instagram Stories is one of the easiest ways. Once your customers have viewed and responded to your Stories, you can collect real-time feedback from them using a quiz, open-ended question, poll, and slider.

 Facebook groups

Consider creating a Facebook group for a portion of your clients based on an occasion or shared interest.

Many merchants who provide lessons or pop-up events might wish to use a private Facebook group to allow customers to share more securely and individually.

This increases the exposure of your store’s brand and demonstrates your commitment to your Business. 

 In-store apps

While not all retailers are prepared to add an in-store app to their digital marketing strategy, applications can be excellent drawbacks for customers to enter your store.

Start with a straightforward digital punch card rewards system at the register. Nevertheless, you may also be creative and make an app that functions like an in-store assistant and includes product tips, reviews, and descriptions.

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