• Increase your brand visibility
    If you are in the event planning industry, people will always see your work, know your reputation and then decide to use your services. Making use of social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Facebook to post your work portfolio will increase your brand visibility. 
  • Engage with the specific target audience
    The big fat Indian wedding involves 4 important Ps i.e. People, Products, Planning and Preparation. Every person talking or attending a wedding can become a potential customer for you. But do they really know you? Reach out to people on social media and let them know about the services you offer to generate convertible leads.
  • Hashtags are definitely for you
    Hashtags are the best way to index your content irrespective of the social media platform you use. Make sure that the hashtags are uniquely chosen and place it across all social media platforms on publicity materials, ads, banners that give your brand a good introduction and boosts audience engagement.  
  • Instagram posts:
    Storytelling is a powerful way to capture the attention of people. Use powerful pictures and short videos that create urgency and post it on your Instagram page or add it as a story. This will create traction from the targeted audience and will act as a testimonial for you. 
  • Promote your events through Youtube videos
    People view videos on social media platforms all the time. According to Pathable, there is a 100% increase every year on mobile video consumption. For the wedding planners, testimonials and feedbacks of the clients should be posted to get you started. Also, wedding stories, videos on location décor and the services should be posted to bring in more leads.
  • Facebook promotion
    It is important to create a Facebook business page to promote your brand. Post as regularly as you can at least one post per day to increase the number of followers so that the audience can easily relate to you and your business. When your Facebook page is rightly promoted, it will engage your followers and generate more leads.
  • Promoted through Pinterest
    Approximate 40 million people use Pinterest to plan their wedding every year. The network boasts 900 million pins about weddings and 378 million wedding-related searches per year. It is advisable for wedding planners to be present on Pinterest as it portrays an image-forward style for wedding planners and gives them abundant traction. 
  • LinkedIn connections
    LinkedIn is truly a professional network to establish solid business relationships. Get connected to various similar businesses to stay in touch with your whole work community and improve your network. 
  • Social media marketing services can really help wedding planners to generate leads through audience engagement as anybody with Internet access can view your content. Make sure that your clients vouch for you for the quality of services you provide on social media as it creates an impression on potential customers.