Content, content, and more content. You’ve probably heard the adage “content is king” before. At MYBRANDBIZ, however, we think that if the content is king, context is queen.  Your digital marketing plan should include content marketing. There are many different ways to provide content; here is a couple that we excel at:

  • Social media marketing: what to say and how to say it to the correct audience.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) encourages the curation and dissemination of high-quality material online. Always remember that a regular content generation timetable is preferable to a dispersed content release strategy. Follow the recommended content schedule. To save you time and effort, we will make sure to put that in place for you and handle every part of the content curation process.
  • With inbound marketing, the proper audience is targeted with words. The audience must then be directed to a certain channel, which is your website, after reading or hearing the appropriate message.


We want you to think of content marketing as being similar to telling a tale. Since the dawn of time, storytelling has been one of the most successful ways to use the content. We are wired as humans to hear and tell stories. 

Yet, content can take on many other forms. How can you be confident that MYBRANDBIZ will assist you in utilizing the best structure for your company? Here are a few other formats that have helped some of our national clients achieve incredibly successful results: 

The original generation of material for a particular topic or industry is known as content curation.

  • Case Studies: Case Studies provide information and an evaluation of the methods and techniques that a corporation has used, both successfully and unsuccessfully.
  • Ebooks:  Ebooks are books that are available online and offer information and ideas about a certain topic or theme. 
  • Email/Newsletters:  a series of emails or other communications used to spread a specific message or direct readers to your email database.
  • Guides: Guides instructional material that details how to carry out specific tasks. 
  • Video/Production: MYBRANBIZ will produce your upcoming corporate or product video and assist you to become famous. In more than 30 markets, our team of video editors and photographers is prepared to assist you.

The above-listed formats are not the only type of formats that we service or curate at MYBRANDBIZ. Here are some more to consider:

Lists, Helpful Application tools, Opinion posts, Infographics, White papers, Vlogs, Videos, Surveys, Quizzes, Polls, Podcasts, Press Releases, and User Generated Content. 


For more information on these two extremely harmful problems that might be losing 50% of your potential revenues, be sure to get in touch with us. During a discovery session, a MYBRANDBIZ specialist will point out any potential issues you could be encountering and help you choose the ideal package of digital marketing services offered by MYBRANDBIZ go-to digital marketing company.

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